Record Seizures Worth Rs 35.26 Crores Done In Expenditure Monitoring Process In Ongoing Bihar Assembly Elections 2020

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For effective monitoring to curb black money in General Election to Legislative Assembly of Bihar, 2020, Election Commission of India has deployed 67 Expenditure Observers in the State of Bihar. Commission has also has appointed Ms. Madhu Mahajan, ex-IRS(IT):1982 and Sh. B. R Balakrishnan, ex-IRS(IT):1983, officers having formidable domain expertise and impeccable track record, as Special Expenditure Observers for General Election to Legislative Assembly of Bihar, 2020.

After due assessment, 91 Assembly Constituencies have been marked as Expenditure Sensitive Constituencies for more focussed monitoring. 881 Flying Squads and 948 Static Surveillance Teams have been formed for Election Expenditure Monitoring work for the Assembly elections of Bihar. On expenditure monitoring, Commission has convened various meetings with senior officials of Bihar and neighbouring states.

Distributing cash and gifts during electoral process is not permitted under the law, e.g., distribution of money, liquor, or any other item disbursed and given to the electors with the intent to influence them. This expenditure comes under the definition of “bribery” which is an offence both under 171B of IPC and under R.P. Act, 1951. The expenditure on such items is illegal. Details of record seizures already done so far (as on 19th October 2020) – compared to total of Rs 23.81 cr in AE 2015.



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