Politcal Resources in India

This resource provides extensive information about each party, helping you explore the diverse political landscape of India.

Government Websites

  • Election Commission of India (ECI): The official site of the Election Commission of India, offering comprehensive details on election processes, political parties, voter education, and election results.
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA): The portal provides information on India’s foreign relations, including details on diplomatic missions, international agreements, and services for Indian citizens abroad.
  • Indian Railway: The official government site for the Indian Railway Department, providing e-ticketing services, train schedules, and job openings.
  • Passport Seva: A highly visited government website for all passport-related services in India, including application, renewal, and status tracking.

Election-Related Platforms

  • MyNeta.info: A platform that provides information on candidates’ backgrounds contesting in elections across India, aiming to increase transparency.
  • Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR): Focuses on electoral and political reforms, offering research and analysis on the financial, educational, and criminal backgrounds of elected representatives.