A cookie is a small computer file generated by a Web server to your computer when one can visit the website or blog. Cookie acts as a medium for notification as if can visit the website, later on, your Web browser sends the generated small file to the server about your previous website visit. In short, you do not put any login details when you visit the same website again. Cookies can be used for a number of purposes. To know more, click here. is a blog committed for high-level protection of your personal data and makes sure that it is processed according to the applicable legislation and privacy policy. We use different tools for tracking the user count, visiting time and activity of the user and how often they return the blog. For this, cookies play a major role.

Some website or blog administrator also avail the “turn off cookies” option for the users and the user can go according to their needs.  If you wish to know your rights, look here.

If you leave a comment, your details like Name or Email you entered, not share with anyone and not stored at all.

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Last updated: 11th March 2019