Major points of BJP National Vice President Press Conference- Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan

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Rahul Gandhi has only one point program – misleading the people by lying. Today the farmers of Madhya Pradesh are worried due to their lie, tomorrow the poor of the country will be disturbed.

This is the history of the Congress that promises to win elections and then puts the poor in illusion.

Which is the injustice with the poor 60 years of Congress having them be forced to create a farce of justice l

He announced Justice Gandhi had failed to remove the indirect confession that Congress poverty l

Having mastered the lie of internationally Rahul Gandhi will be forgiven the debt within 10 days after the Congress government in the state had promised the people of the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, the state l

The reality is the fact that this total had to be 104 days, but can not forgive the debt of 55 million farmers in the state l

Hide their failures and state Congress government greed to get the vote announced a code of conduct before being the Code of Conduct l

Congress government accepted prior to farmers hit Ethics Code on Mobile to send messages to conduct this self that your debt has not been accepted because the Code of Conduct will forgive your debt after the government election l

He said that aside Rahul Gandhi then debt within 10 days was giving amnesty to cry on the other hand now after 70 days has been accepted in writing their government in Madhya Pradesh that your debt is not forgiven now l

Code of conduct and the Election Commission’s model code of conduct clearly states that any plan under the page number in the manual 272 which went already identified beneficiaries can also be applied during the conduct l

Pradesh Congress government in the name of fulfilling Karjmafi fund is sitting preventing other development l

Congress first line without forgive debt of farmers document their commitment to meet “the farmer’s debt-free” cheat not only with the written state farmers but also betrayal l

Banks are not reaching money , banks are sending notices, farmers are forced to commit suicide and the government is talking about debt forgiveness.

It did not matter that shame and deception lie that white by state Nath farmers, have they betrayed l

Bharatiya Janata Party ‘s national vice-president , Mr Shivraj Singh Chouhan said today the party headquarters at a press conference to address the and said fiercely attacked Congress and Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s false promises.

Mr Chauhan has said that the Congress on the supremacy to the dynastic Gandhi family ‘s for the country ‘s poor and their poverty is a toy made was that , and this time the Lok Sabha elections come as Congress ‘s national president Rahul Gandhi has a bar , then this toy to play starting to have a .He attacked the Congress and said that it is the history of the Congress that he promises to win the elections and then keeps the poor in illusion. This is the reason that under 60 years of Congress rule, poverty prevailed. He said that in the government of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the growth rate of the country was only 3.5 percent and the whole world used to make fun of it as a Hindu rate of growth. It was not possible to remove poverty from this growth rate. Also after 1971 in Rahul Gandhi, grandmother Indira Gandhi was also poverty alleviation in the name of the poor of the sensitivities of up game Be had . Rajiv Gandhi ‘s government in the dispute only because are so poor away to the No Action not occurred. This way the UPA ‘s 10 years of tenure in the poor and with a kind of deception fraud is going. Now this is what the Congress party is doing under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership.

Mr. Chauhan said that for the last several days, I have been seeing that the National President of Congress, who has established a new record by lying, is now screaming all over the country and laughing farmers’ debt forgiveness in UP The people of the country are misleading. Rahul Gandhi, who has been a master at international level, had promised to the people of the state during the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections that after the formation of the Congress government in the state, the loan will be waived within 10 days and his Chief Minister will be in 6 hours. were the conceit to forgive debt, but the reality is that today the total came to be 104 days, but can not forgive the debt of 55 million farmers in the state pie Is.

He said that if Rahul Gandhi had some commitment, courage and integrity towards his promises then there would have been 10 Chief Ministers in Madhya Pradesh today. But Rahul Gandhi knows very well that if he changes the chief minister, his lame duck will fall in Madhya Pradesh only.

He said that the state has well understood the politics of lying to the people and Congress l announced the Ethics Code before its failure hide and state Congress government greed of votes taken by the Ethics Code The Congress government has sent a message of ethics to the farmers before accepting the code of conduct on the mobile itself and accepted the fact that your loan came The reason for the act of acceptance is not accepted. After the elections, the government will forgive your debt. He said that on one hand, Rahul Gandhi was giving another one and another 10 days loan forgiveness. On the other hand, 70 days later, his government in Madhya Pradesh Accepting that your loan is not forgiven yet

Shri Chauhan, while outlining the code of conduct , said that the Code of Ethics and Model Code of Conduct of the Election Commission in the page number 272 clearly states that any ongoing plan in which the beneficiary has been identified has been adopted for conduct code of conduct When can be applied l

Mr. Chauhan, while targeting the Congress, said that when the consent of the debt waiver was accepted by the Cabinet in relation to the debt waiver of the farmer in the state , the farmers whose debts were waived had been identified as the name of the message on mobile If so, then why did not the debt be waived? Is not this false lie of the Madhya Pradesh government and cheating with the farmers? l

Mr. Chouhan accused the Congress and said that it is clearly clear that till the sending of mobile messages to the farmers in cheating, but the government did not talk to the banks regarding the debt waiver of the farmers . This deception of the government and results of lies so that Bank farmers to send to that paid the outstanding amount within 15 days notice to the bank will be forced to take legal action l backbone of agricultural cooperatives The Kamalnath government is pressuring the cooperative banks to waive the debt of 50 percent. This kind of pressure on Cooperative Banks will end a complete system and the assistance given to the farmers on grassroot level development and the government Will be jammed with a wrong step

He said that Rahul Gandhi and Congress not here a series of party lie halted, but his government has a big joke with the farmers in the name of forgiveness, debt l had debt of about 55 million farmers 48 thousand crores to the state but The government has made a provision of about 5 thousand crores for its debt waiver in the budget. The government has also lied to it, the budget of 5 thousand crores was passed in February, about two months ago. Ray is now a co-Rs 600 crore by banks government and other banks for Rs 700 crore, that total has been paid only Rs 1,300 crore l

Shri Chouhan said that the biggest loss to come in the coming times due to the lie of Rahul Gandhi and Congress Party is that if the farmers have stopped hoarding the bank loan in the hoax and falsehood of the Congress and If the government does not waive the debt, the number of lakhs will be declared as defaulter from the farmers bank. He said that in the name of completing the loan waiver, Somewhere is sitting preventing development l Not only that, the Congress for the first line in the document promised fulfillment without forgive debt of farmers was “farmer debt-free” not only betrayed the written state farmers but also betrayal Is l

He said that Congress government has 55 million farmers in the debt completely untrue that is claimed to waive l have too many farmers whose loans the government claims sorry but reality is something else l There are many examples of debt so millions of rupees, the government waived the only one thousand, two thousand or five thousand l said not access money to banks , banks are sending notice Mjb for farmers to suicide Su and government debt would not be exempt from talking l This shame and deception that state Nath government cheated them lied white farmers l

Shri Chouhan said that in a line, debt is not forgiven by writing a debt free , this is a fair propaganda. Today the farmer of the state is unhappy, he is compelled to join the bank line, the bank is threatening to take legal action. Is Rahul Gandhi and Congress Party’s “justice” with the brothers? He said that the injustice of 60 years of the poor to the poor is due to which they have to be compelled to make judgments today. Rahul Gandhi’s declaration of justice is an indirect indication that Congress fails to remove poverty Has been

He said while exposing the lies of Rahul Gandhi Rahul Gandhi lie speaks as he with the big hurry forget speaking lie is also a recognition of their Misleedr l They lie to the country Kalawati, he Bhattaprsol They have lied to the farmers of Bundelkhand Uttar Pradesh. They have lied to the farmers of Karnataka, they came to lie in the aboriginal brother of Chhattisgarh. And they are lying on Rafael l said that Rahul Gandhi is only one point program have – to lie to mislead the public by saying l Today, farmers in the state of their lies, tomorrow the country will upset poor l


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