Modi asked Voters to choose between honest “chowkidar” and corrupt “naamdar”

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As Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are majorly seeing a major contest between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a rally asked voters to choose between “imaandar (honest) chowkidar’ and ‘bhrashtachari (corrupt) naamdar”.

Modi said “You have to choose between imaandar chowkidar and bhrashtachari naamdar. You also have to choose between heroes of India and supporters of Pakistan,”.

“You have seen Chowkidar’s government which is strong and takes decisions. Scams and decision-making delays were the order of the day during the remote-controlled government (UPA) earlier,” Modi said.

“During the UPA rule, bomb blasts were frequent in which farmers, middle-class people and traders were killed.

While talking about terrorism in India he said “Our army wanted to take revenge but the (then) government kept quiet. This Chowkidar gave permission (to the army) to kill terrorists by going inside their territory. Are you happy with this strong government,”?

All political parties are presenting their best points to impress voters to choose right PM, it is high time Indian Voters should use their power in the best way to take the right decision for country development.


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