All You Need To Know About Legislative Assembly Elections 2019

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As we all know that legislative assembly elections are heading in the month of October. The 90 – member Haryana assembly will expire on 2nd of November and the tenure of 288 – member Maharashtra assembly will end on November 9th. The election commission announced the date of the elections on Monday, 21st of September 2019. The election will conduct on the 21st of October and the results will be declared on the 24th of October. This is a single-phase polling which will be held on the same day in both the states Haryana and Maharashtra respectively. Madhu Mahajan and B Murali Kumar will conduct as Special Expenditure Observers, announced by the Election Commission Of India.

The model of conduct will soon take effect in the two considered states which means the prevailing governments of both states cannot introduce any further scheme or cannot persuade the voters using authority office. In addition, election commission also announces to set around 19, 425 polling stations in Haryana for 1.82 crore register voters whereas 95, 473 polling stations are planned to set in Maharashtra for over 8.94 crore registered voters for 2019 legislative assembly elections.

Sunil Arora, the head of the Election Commission gives assurance of special security arrangements so that, there will be free and fair elections can be done. At every polling station, Electronic Voting Machines are set up and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail ( VVPAT ) will be also done.

The BJP government led by Devendra Fadnavis in Maharashtra intends to sustain its power again. Chances are more of a coalition between BJP and its traditional partner Shiv Sena. Not only this, but some small parties are also supposed to be part of this alliance. Whereas Khattar government also will make the best possible solutions to retain the power again as they have to face former Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Kumari Selja of Congress. Not only this, in Haryana there is an announcement made by APP party head Arvind Kejriwal of 22 more candidates for the elections.

Political parties are comprehending by social media so that they can connect more with people and reach out to people. With the help of this platform, people can give suggestions to their desired party manifesto.

Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Elections – Important dates

Nomination Last Date: October 4
Investigation of the Nominations: October 5
Last Date of Withdrawal of Candidacy: October 7
Voting: October 21
Counting of Votes: October 24

Now, it is to be seen which party will win. The nominees of both states are confident that they will be able to form the government once again. But the decision will be taken by the people as to whom the public should choose.


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