Politicians And Their Luxury Cars – An Observation

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In India, politics is not only a means to serve the country, but also an opportunity to have the best of the world facilities. Most of the Indian politicians use one type of luxury car or the other in the course of their political career. This trend can be seen right from the top to the bottom levels of politics. Not only ministers, but also MPs, MLAs and even councilors can be seen whizzing past in their luxury car in India. Here is a quick look at some of the luxury cars opted by a few top politicians in the country.

Narendra Modi – Prime Minister Modi was using Mahindra Scorpio as his official vehicle until he became the PM. Upon assuming the office, tighter security measures meant that he had to go for a better official car. As such, the PM is now using a BMW 7 Series 760 Li Security Edition as his official car. Although it was reported that the PM would be using a fully armored Scorpio, in the absence of any word to substantiate it, he had to opt for a more secure, albeit luxurious, BMW car.

Arun Jaitley – India’s finance minister Arun Jaitley seems to love cars and hence, it is known that he is the owner of a considerable fleet of vehicles. His prized possessions include the likes of a high-end Porsche costing around 1.02 crore rupees, Mercedes Benz worth 78.89 lakh rupees, BMW car worth 85.57 lakh, Toyota Fortuner worth 23.28 lakh rupees and a Honda Accord of 20.44 lakh rupees.

Akhilesh Yadav – The UP Chief Minister too opts for a luxury car when it comes to choosing an official car. Accordingly, he has chosen a Mercedes M-Guard as well as a couple of Land Cruiser 200 for his travel. Often considered as a ‘Ride of Pride’, these cars are funded by public money.

Arvind Kejriwal – The Delhi CM, who prided himself as a common man used to drive around in a wagon R until he assumed office. Now, even though his colleagues have been given Innova cars as official rides, the common man CM continues to use his modest car.

Rahul Gandhi – Surprisingly, a high profile and one of the most followed politician, Rahul Gandhi has no car of his own. As an SPG protected person, the vice president of the Congress party usually moves around in the SPG vehicle.

Apart from these, the politicians of India are often given high-end cars as official rides by the respective state and/or central governments. What used to be sturdy ambassadors in the olden days has been replaced by luxurious rides like Innovas, Audis and BMWs at the present. Indian politicians seem to believe in ‘Ride of Pride’.

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