Why Anna Hazare not visit the rally?

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In New Delhi, Mamta Banerjee who is the chief of Trinamool congress is also known with the name of losing her temper. The firebrand leader is sad because she is ditched by Anna Hazare who is social activist in Ramlila Maidan.

Few days back, Anna Hazare recommend Mamta Banerjee for the post of prime minister and he also said that she is the only leader in India who answered on his letter on 17-point nation agenda.
But the question is what comes in the mind of Anna Hazare which changed him in a night on Tuesday and he had not attend the rally.

The main reason comes from his side that the Gandhian was not well. He was suffering from exhaustion. However, when the leaders of Trinamool Congress came to meet Anna Hazare to the venue but Anna Hazare showed his unfitness to meet them.

The sources show clearly that the reason of not attending the rally is different. Anna Hazare was not happy with the behavior in which the rally is promoted. As in the news it was reported that the activist thought that the rally had been promoted as a political base.

But in the rally very few people came for the rally. So this is the reason Anna Hazare had not attend the rally.


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