Voters Show Chiranjeevi How to Stand in Queue for Voting

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Union minister Chiranjeevi had to experience ignominy at a polling booth at Jubilee Hills on Wednesday as a voter inquired him on why he was jumping the line to give his vote.

The Congress leader, who is also initated the Congress strategy in Seemandhra, is a voter in Jubilee Hills constituency in Hyderabad..

He came to the polling booth to vote along with his family.

Dressed in white-colored, as Chiranjeevi was strolling straight into the polling booth, a voter

who had been with patience waiting to thrcast his vote, ceased Chiranjeevi.

“Don’t’ you think you should stance take a position in the queue? Is it right?” the man demanded to know.

An ashamed Chiranjeevi tried to claim, but the man was standing his floor.

With no one at the polling booth showing any attention to come to Chiranjeevi’s save, the Union minister grudgingly, but pleasant, went returning and was standing in the queue.

He tried to demonstrate that he had not missing his cool and tried to look pleasant but the rage was obvious on his and his close relatives face.

With Chiranjeevi compelled to take a position in the line, the voter who faced him became an immediate hero for everyone at the polling booth.

Everyone signed up with their arms and praised the man who smilingly but humbly recognized the admiration.

Chiranjeevi and his family associates had to take a position at the last in the line and delay for their convert to cast vote.

However, none of the other film starys who cast vote to demonstrate their significance at the polling booths.

Junior NTR who came with his spouse and mom with patience waited with patience in the lengthy line awaiting his convert to cast the vote.

Actor Nagarjuna and spouse Amala came early and standing along with the others and gice their vote only when their turn came. The couple mingled with the voters easily and even presented for pictures with family associates which desired to get their image visited with them.

Jana Sena Party innovator Pawan Kalyan also cast his vote in Jubilee hills.

Other celebrities such as Nandamuri Balakrishna, Daggubati Rama Naidu, D Suresh Babu and C Narayana Reddy also give their votes.


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