Shame for Indian Parliament

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Shame and a newer low for the Indian Parliament as pepper spray were used by MPs in addition to creating ruckus and reducing themselves to street fights level.
Today the Parliament erupted in chaos over a bill to create Telangana, with angry MPs coming to blows, pulling out a microphone and pepper spraying the chamber.

Waving banners and shouting slogans, lawmakers disrupted the lower house of Parliament as the Congress-led government introduced the contentious bill to create the new state called Telangana from an area in the existing state of Andhra Pradesh.

The chamber quickly descended into farce, as lawmakers opposed to the new state pulled out an official’s microphone and one unleashed a can of capsicum spray, prompting a rush for the exit, TV channels reported.

Several lawmakers had to be taken to hospital suffering breathing problems.

Small fights also took place between MPs opposed to the bill and several trying to stop the chaos and restore order, as the parliament, known for its disruptions, was adjourned, the news agency said.

This act touches new low in the history of the proceedings of Parliament in India.


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