Rahul Gandhi takes jibe at PM Modi ‘Modilie’: A new entry in English dictionary

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In the latest, Congress President shared a dictionary entry-type of the meme, explaining the term ‘Modilie’. Needless to say, this portmanteau is formed of two words – Modi and lie.

The meme even shows how to use the word in sentences with examples such as “He is such a Modiliar”, “He just keeps Modilying” and “Look look there goes a Modiliar”.

Rahul Gandhi‘s jibe comes after Modi claimed to have used a digital camera to take LK Advani’s photo and email it to a newspaper in Delhi in 1988. Moreover, according to Mashable, Kodak DSC 100 the first commercially available digital camera was launched in 1991.

Even this not stopped here, Rahul Gandhi in his next tweet, shared a website link publishing best Modi lies.


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