Rahul Gandhi Relates Modi with Adolf Hitler

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On Tuesday 11 march, 2014, Rahul Gandhi who is the Vice-president of Congress party said Narendra Modi a reluctant politician in Gujarat by making straight line between the BJP prime ministerial candidate and Adolf Hitler who is German dictator.

Rahul Gandhi sends holes on the efforts of Modi to say himself a gate keeper means chowkidar. The Gandhi accused Modi of taking or stealing the land of poor farmers or village people and sells it to big industrialists. He also said that there are two types of leaders. The first are those who belong to those people and take some information and believe in the people knowledge. He should go to the people and also learn and think about their problems. The leader who is having this type of thinking is that it is the people who are having full knowledge. That type of leader has to understand people and also has no pride.

The second type of leader is like Hitler. Hitler always thought that there is no need to go people and listened their problems. He thought that the full knowledge of the world was in his mind. That type of leader only said about their doings. It means they always told about what they did and what they can did in future. Rahul Gandhi told this in Balasinor in central Gujarat in a rally.

He said that he follow mahatma Gandhi and tried his best that’s why he go to people and hear people, heir problem , their need and also understand them and think how to solve it. In giving answer to Narendra Modi’s statement he will tell people to make him a chowkidar and he will protect country from corruption.

He said that Britishers also called themselves chowkidar but congress party gave them freedom and made them run from India. At last Rahul attacked at Narendra Modi for having corruption in his government.


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