Rahul Gandhi Communicates With Maharashtra People’s Regarding To Votes

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Rahul Gandhi is vice president of congress. Rahul Gandhi also chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress. Rahul Gandhi visit Maharashtra on 5 march and interact with voters. The last Sunday Rahul Gandhi visit in Dehradun. Rahul Gandhi Interact with members of Dalit community in Mumbai. Rahul firstly relate with degree students and engineering students at shirpur on tribal Dhule on 5th march. In afternoon on the Dhulle-Shirpur, he visits a public rally an Aurangabad, and relates with people.

Rahul Gandhi also visits in Mumbra on the eve of appear Thane at 6th march. On 6th march connected with fishermen at Versova. Rahul also meet fisherman’s for a separate ministry, farming status for fisheries and more subsidies on diesel at versova fishing village. Rahul Gandhi cooperates with fisherman and, fulfills the necessity of fisherman’s.

vRahul Gandhi indicates her view point on various political issues, approved to dismiss the perception that his party government was arguing policy paralysis. Rahul Gandhi criticism the tackle for an assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Rahul also deride senior BjP leaders for blaming credit for announces computers in India.


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