Rahul Gandhi promises Rs 72,000 annual income support For Poor Indians

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Rahul Gandhi promises Rs 72,000 annual income support to families earning under Rs 12,000 per month.

Today is a historic day. It is on this day that the Congress party launched its final assault on poverty. 5 Crore of the poorest families in India, will receive Rs. 72,000 Per Year. #NyayForIndia is our dream & our pledge. The time for change has come.

“Congress party promises that India’s 20%, most poor families will get yearly 72,000 rupees in their bank accounts under minimum basic income guarantee scheme. Five crore families and 25 crore people will directly benefit from this scheme. All calculations have been done. There is no such scheme anywhere else in the world,” he said.

About Rahul Gandhi
President of the Indian National Congress and heir of the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, Rahul Gandhi was born in New Delhi on June 19, 1970. He is the eldest child of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (1944-91) and Sonia Gandhi.


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