Pawan Bansal is “totally incompetent minister”: BJP

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Promise to withdraw 1.5 lakh ‘misuse’ notices and 500 Rs /SFt fine

Pawan BansalChandigarh state BJP President Mrs Kamla Sharma, party General Secretary Mr Sanjay Tandon and former state BJP President Mr Yashpal Mahajan today accused Mr Pawan Bansal of being totally incompetent as an MP and Minister. The BJP leaders promised that on coming to power at the centre BJP / NDA government will withdraw 1.5 lakh ‘misuse’ notices issued to house, booth or industrial shed/ plot owners. The 500 Rs per Sq Ft fine imposed by the autocratic Congress government will also be undone. The BJP leaders accused the Congress candidate and his party of incompetence and of not doing anything for Chandigarh while remaining preoccupied with bailing out the corrupt Congress leaders or getting those officers transferred who were responsible for registering corruption cases against Congressmen. As he remained busy quarrelling with administration, the development work in the city got stalled. He was not able to get any new projects approved or new technical institute started in the city for enhancing education or employment opportunities for the city youth.

The BJP leaders said on coming to power at the centre BJP NDA government will address the traffic problem of the city immediately and will make a long term policy for the purpose. Over bridges will be built at several places to ease traffic flow and underground or multistory parking will be provided so that those who are forced to park vehicles on roadsides or in parks are saved from this ordeal.


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