Pranab’s Son Attacked On Corrupted Voters – West Bengal

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In Western Bengal, The Congress party seems to be getting Vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s right to meals guarantee rather seriously. Bengali news route 24 Ghanta reviews that accusations of ‘bribing’ are traveling dense and quick against Jangipur applicant Abhijit Mukherjee, son of Chief executive Pranab Mukherjee. Now Abhijit is regarded a bit of a governmental greenhorn who no one realized persisted before Pranab took on the layer of obama and provided his son his chair as a present. Naturally, therefore, The Congress might be trying to take out all prevents to create sure the previously unprecedented Mukherjee son victories. The TMC has reported that in Radharghat prevent of Jangipur, discounts imprinted with the formal closure of the g panchayat have been allocated. In the said discounts, The Congress celebration has supposedly guarantees ten pounds of grain to anyone who offers the voucher and ballots for The Congress. The CPM has also claimed that fabric has been supplied in the ancestors Mukherjee home and individuals are being given cash to elect for Mukherjee. The EC has been notified by both competing events. Meanwhile Polling in Bengal is calculating around 20 % until now in most locations says Arabic tv, Jangipur where the president’s son is the The Congress applicant is at 22 %. There have been infrequent reviews of problems of selection experts from events being converted away from various cubicles implicating various events. The elections nowadays will mostly figure out if the grip the The Congress has in Bengal is also falling. These are the chairs where the Congress is the most powerful, its bastion almost. It contains individuals like Deepa Das Munshi, railways reverend Adhir Chowdhury and Mausam Noor of the Ghani Khan Chaudhury close relatives in Malda.


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