PM hopeful Advani is worth at least Rs3.5 crore

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BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate L.K. Advani on Wednesday declared that he and his family are worth over Rs3.5 crore. The assets include two flats in Gurgaon and a house in Gandhinagar.In his affidavit before the district election officer, the BJP leader declared that his two flats in Gurgaon are worth Rs92.5 lakh each, while his house in Gandhinagar is valued at Rs50 lakh.

He has deposits of Rs67.56 lakh, while his wife has deposits of Rs 36.56 lakh.

The BJP leader also has jewellery worth Rs 16 lakh which he jointly owns with his wife. Advani owns 10 per cent while his wife owns the rest.

Advani has Rs 20,000 in cash while his wife had Rs 5,000.

The BJP leader has no financial liabilities.

Advani has mentioned in his affidavit that the Babri Masjid case is pending against him.

In 2004, Advani had declared assets worth over Rs 1.30 crores.

During the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, Advani had declared deposits worth Rs 12,28,087 in his name and Rs 11,19,356 in his wife’s name.

Advani had also declared that he jointly owned jewellery worth Rs 6.5-7 lakh with his wife.

The BJP leader had in 2004 shown three houses in his name, two in Gurgoan worth Rs 30 lakh each and one in Gandhinagar valued at Rs 25 lakh. All the houses put together were at that time valued at Rs 85 lakh.

He also had Rs 14 lakh invested in mutual funds and other government saving schemes.
Advani had Rs 60,000 invested in bonds, shares and debentures, while his wife had Rs 20,000 invested in the same.

The law graduate from Bombay University had then declared a liability of Rs5.54 lakh as loan from IDBI bank.


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