BJP on Sri Lanka

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Considering the great humanitarian tragedy that may unfold northern Sri Lanka where thousands of civilians are bearing the full brunt of the fighting:-

 The B.J.P. :

1. Calls on the Sri Lankan Government, to prevent further loss of innocent civilians lives by ordering an immediate cease fire, including the immediate cessation of bombing of civilian areas; 

2. While welcoming the movement of some civilians to safer area, urges the Sri Lankan Government to facilitate further the rapid evacuation of the civilians to safer areas; 

3. To ensure that adequate food supplies and medical aid are provided to them, both in the war zone as well as after their evacuation to camps. 

4. To commence an immediate dialogue with the Tamil representatives to find viable solution that would give maximum devolution within a united Sri Lankan. For this purpose, the 13th amendment would be an appropriate beginning. 

5. To take urgent steps to enable refugees and internally displaced persons to return to their homes and to extend all possible assistance towards their speedy rehabilitation.


The LTTE must:

 1. Let the civilians, still trapped in their area of control,  move to safer area, and cease forthwith to use them as a human shield.

 2. To announce an immediate cease fire in order to put an end to the fighting, and, thereby, to further loss of lives.


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