Approximately Rs 30,000 Crore Spend On Elections

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In New Delhi, the total money spends on political parties to have a significant motivation from election which is more than Rs30, 000 crore approximately. The amount of money is compared with four billion dollars it is approximately Rs 20, 000 crore at the current exchange rate. In 2008, the government announced the total spending to shield the money from the universal economical disaster. However, it is lesser than the amount raised; it is seven billion dollars which is spent by political parties in 2012 presidential polls in US.

These days, the amount spends on elections in more effective than the universal official stimuli because of the money which is totally spend and also without any type of loss. It is trickle-down effect because it reaches the distance of the poorest voter.

But in 2009 elections, there will be a great increase on the money which is spends. When the total money is calculated it was estimated about Rs.10, 000 to Rs.15,000 crore.
However, total expenditure is increased in these 2014 elections. N Bhaskara Rao who is the chairman of the center for Media Sources said that the total estimate is about Rs. 30,000 crore. He also add this statement that no elections will compare this 2014 elections.

Many areas of economy, increased from advertisements, services of air charter, security, food transport, liquor, fuel etc are responsible for high increase in economy.


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