Nitish Kumar Pretending Himself as a Best Elector

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Nitish Kumar is an Indian Politician, who has been the popular and famous Chief Minister of Bihar since 2005, before this he was a Union Minister of India. He belongs to a Janta Dal Party. As Chief Minister, he was the most popular person by cause of a series of development and constructive activities. He belongs to a socialist class of politicians. Bihar Chief Minister should be a worried man. Recently he broke up with the Bhartie Janta party on the issue of Narinder’s Modi success as he moves to a lower position to upper position as nominated to a category of Prime Minister. On 5th of March Kumar was announced that Bihar Upper caste BJP but he moves smoothly along a surface while maintaining continuous contact with it. Today he announced that he is much qualified and most experienced person than others for the post of Prime Minister. In ‘Sankalp Yatra’ which was held in Bettiah Kumar is demanding special category status for Bihar. Without taking the name of BJP Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi or vice president of Congress Mr. Rahul Gandhi Kumar said that they don’t have the experience of Parliament as well as not even an experience of running a state, I have both the experience, even though I am less qualified than them.

When media asked him a question that if you are selected for the category of Prime Minister than he said that his party JDU was small and modest and did not make big claims and fake promises, but believed in working sincerely for the people.

Both Narender Modi and Nitish Kumar may be in the running to corner a majority of seats in the state but the IBN-Lokniti poll shows that the BJP’S Prime Minister Candidate presently look set to overcome his competitors.

As well as the lok sabha polls are concerned, Nitish Kumar has lost his plot completely.Votors do vote differently in lok sabha and assembly polls and in the state elections Nitish still have the hope “Ramchandra Guha, author and historian, said on CNN-IBN during a discussion on the Lokniti-IBN national election Tracker poll on Bihar.

The Muslim community in the state remains varies about the BJP’s Prime Minster candidate. This could be the benefit for the congress-RJD alliance, but it will also affect the chances of Modi and Nitish.


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