Modi Could Face Jail For Showing Bjp Symbol

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The Commission is of the perspective that by having that conference and also by addressing with the same nowadays when the polling is going on in the state of Gujarat and in different country, Narendra Modi has breached the state of Segments 126 (1)(a) and 126 (l)(b) of RP Act 1951.” “Therefore, the Percentage guides…that complaint/ FIR as the situation may be, should be registered against Narendra Modi and all others who were engaged in the convening and having of the said conference…,” the EC said. It has requested the Gujarat Primary Assistant and DGP to deliver a conformity review by 6 PM nowadays. It also said that all the TV programs and other digital press which taken the procedures of the conference and shown the selection issue should also be started against under Area 126 (l) (b) “by processing individual complaints/FlRs against those programs.” The EC took the choice after going through the videos of the deal with of the BJP’s Primary Ministerial choose at a conference in Gandhinagar after he throw his elect nowadays. It said from the manner , overall tone and tenor of the deal with created by Modi and the claims created by him and the way in which the icon ‘Lotus’ was shown by him, “the said address with was in the characteristics of governmental conversation designed and measured to impact and impact caused by elections in the constituencies going to surveys nowadays, not only in Ahmadabad but also in all other constituencies in the state of Gujarat and elsewhere in the country.”


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