JDU Party losing His Strongest limbs Now Party Shaking Clamor

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Nitish Kumar chief minister of Bihar loss his swarm friend to the BJP. Renu kushwaha minister in his cabinat resigined yesterday after his husband forshake the party and modulate in bjp. The take u-turn of his side and modulated in bjp seeking people interest. Vijay Singh his new faithfulness BJP rally in Purina addressed by yesterday Narender Modi. Mr. Narender Modi and Bihar chief nitiesh Kumar confliction going between them.

The Kushwahs include about 5% of the electoral constituency 5% of the voters in Bihar second only yadav and back words class. Renu kushwaha signify bihariganj in the madhepura district in Bihar assembly. There is rumination now BJP may field madhepura seat from parliament.

In June last year Mr. Kumar ended a 17th year rapport with BJP over its verdict to place Mr. Modi took charge of his national campaign. Narender Modi connection with Gujarat fray in 2002. Chief minister of Gujarat Narender Modi took his allegations he is a divisive leader .The BJP said the Nitish Kumar Bihar Chief Minister creak the relation form the public atrophy among the Muslim voter point of view.Mr Nitiesh Kumar was a cabinet minister in BJP-led union government and did not resign and protest. Bartiya janta party legislative leader in opposition Nand Kishor Yadav says after the division of JDU and BJP .he this that Muslim voters comes with him a massage going with him. Muslim voters want development? .They wants strong and stable government. State BJP said Vikash Pursh image of Nitish Kumar suffered a drastic fall of growth rate8.82%under his rule current financial year.


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