ICAI Election Results 2009

ICAI Election Results 2009- 2010 for Northern India Regional Council of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India voting and CC voting will be published here . You can see the results here for

Results for ICAI Elections ’09

Central India Council of ICAI Election Results  2009-2010

Northern India Central Council of ICAI Election Results 2009-2010


  • CA. Jain Vinod won the elections
  • CA. Nanda Charanjot Singh Won the elections
  • CA. Chopra Amarjit won
  • CA. Gupta Naveen N.D won
  • CA. Tyagee Pankaj
  • CA. Agarwal Sanjay Kumar

CIRC Regional Team 2010 – 2012 is as follows:-


Sr No Name of the Candidates City Status
25 CA. Soni Kemisha Indore Elected
13 CA. Kushwah Mukesh Singh Ghaziabad Elected
3 CA. Agrawal Manu Kanpur Elected
5 CA. Garg Umesh Kumar Agra Elected
16 CA. Maheshwari Om Prakash Jodhpur Elected
7 CA. Golechha Ankush Prakashchandra Raipur Elected
12 CA. Khanna Vivek Kanpur Elected
18 CA. Parashar Pawan Jaipur Elected
27 CA. Vyas Nitin Jaipur Elected


NIRC Central Team 2010 – 2012 is as follows:-


Ballot Number Name Vote Count Status
4 CA. Chopra Amarjit 4022 Elected
10 CA. Jain Vinod 2037 Elected
13 CA. Nanda Charanjot Singh 2037 Elected
8 CA. Gupta Naveen N.D. 2037 Elected
14 CA. Tyagee Pankaj 1794 Elected
1 CA. Agarwal Sanjay Kumar 1551 Elected


NIRC Regional Council  for ICAI Election ‘09

  • CA. Garg Vishal  won
  • CA. Gupta Atul Kumar won
  • CA. Kedia Gopal Kumar won
  • CA. Agrawal Durga Das  won
  • CA. Chugh Hans Raj won

NIRC Regional Team 2010 – 2012 is as follows:-

Ballot Number Name 17th Round Elected
13 CA. Garg Vishal 1172 Yes
15 CA. Gupta Atul Kumar 1092 Yes
20 CA. Kedia Gopal Kumar 1091 Yes
2 CA. Agrawal Durga Das 1091 Yes
12 CA. Chugh Hans Raj 1091 Yes
27 CA. Sharma Rajesh 1091 Yes
23 CA. Maheshwari Pramod Kumar 1005 Yes
4 CA. Agrawal Sanjay Kumar 978 Yes
1 CA. Agrawal Deen Dayal 849 Yes
24 CA. Mittal Mohan Lal 845 Yes
21 CA. Khetrapal Rashmi (Ms.) 823 Yes
14 CA. Goel Rajiv 707 Yes


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