I am a victim of oppression, says Narendra Modi at a BJP rally

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi mention in his recent rally in Haryana that Congress hurling abuses at him all the time under the “veil of love”.

“A Congress leader called me gandi nali ka keeda (an insect from a drain), there was another who addressed me as a mad dog,” Mr. Modi said at a BJP rally in Kurukshetra in Haryana. “Their leaders called me Raavan, snake, maut ka saudagar (trader of death), Hitler, Qadhaffi, Dawood Ibrahim … and what not,” he added.

“These leaders didn’t even spare my mother and asked who my father is, and all these abuses were hurled at me after I became the Prime Minister. It was nothing but one-sided oppression,” Mr. Modi said.

The Prime Minister said the abuses were being hurled at him as he had put a check on the “corrupt activities” of the Congress and its leaders. “I talk of their dynastic politics due to which under the veil of love, they abuse me … this is the way they show their love,” Mr. Modi said.

Mr. Modi made a veiled attack against former Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra, saying he presumed himself to be a shahenshah’ (royalty) who no one could touch, but who had now turned nervous after being dragged to court. He indirectly hit out at Congress leader and former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. “Congress did corruption on the land of farmers. Not only in Haryana, even in Delhi evidence has come to the fore,” he said. “But your chowkidar acted in the matter and approached the court and today these leaders are visiting the courts regularly… This chowkidar has taken the person who looted farmers to court.”


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