Himachal Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

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The 2024 Lok Sabha elections have been a significant event across India, with Himachal Pradesh being no exception. Nestled in the Himalayas, this state has a unique political landscape that often mirrors the national mood. Here’s a detailed look at the key aspects of the Himachal Pradesh Lok Sabha Election results of 2024.

Himachal Pradesh (Total PC – 4)


Party Wise Results
Party Won Leading Total
Bharatiya Janata Party – BJP 4 0 4
Total 4 0 4

Winning Candidate – Bharatiya Janata Party (Himachal Pradesh)

S.No Parliament Constituency Winning Candidate Total Votes Margin
1 KANGRA(1) DR RAJEEV BHARDWAJ 632793 251895
2 MANDI(2) KANGNA RANAUT 537022 74755
4 SHIMLA(4) Suresh Kumar Kashyap 519748 91451

लोक सभा निर्वाचन क्षेत्रों के लिए आम चुनाव: रुझान और परिणाम जून-2024

विजयी अभ्यर्थी – भारतीय जनता पार्टी (हिमाचल प्रदेश)

क्रम संख्या संसद निर्वाचन क्षेत्र विजयी अभ्यर्थी कुल मत अंतर(मार्जिन)
1 कांगड़ा (1) डा0 राजीव भारद्वाज 632793 251895
2 मण्‍डी (2) कंगना रनौत 537022 74755
3 हमीरपुर(3) अनुराग सिंह ठाकुर 607068 182357
4 शिमला(4) सुरेश कुमार कश्यप 519748 91451

Candidates and Political Parties

This year’s elections saw diverse candidates from major political parties, including the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), and several regional parties and independent candidates. The key candidates included:

  • BJP: The BJP fielded strong candidates in all constituencies, leveraging their incumbency and the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prominent names included Anurag Thakur, a sitting MP and Union Minister, who contested from Hamirpur.
  • INC: The Congress party focused on revitalizing its presence in the state. Vikramaditya Singh, son of former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, contested from Mandi, a crucial seat for the party.
  • Aam Aadmi Party (AAP): The AAP also contested several seats, hoping to infiltrate the state’s political fabric.

Voter Turnout

Himachal Pradesh has always recorded high voter turnouts, and 2024 was no different. The state saw a robust voter turnout of around 74%, showcasing the citizens’ enthusiasm and commitment to democracy. Rural areas, in particular, showed a higher participation rate, reflecting the effective mobilization by local party units.

Election Results

The election results for Himachal Pradesh brought significant insights into the state’s political trends. Here’s a breakdown of the results:

  • Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): The BJP retained its stronghold in the state, winning 4 out of the 4 Lok Sabha seats. Anurag Thakur secured a landslide victory in Hamirpur, reinforcing his and the party’s regional dominance.
  • Indian National Congress (INC): The Congress managed to win 0 seats, with Vikramaditya Singh emerging victorious in Mandi. His win was a morale booster for the party, suggesting a possible resurgence in the state’s political landscape.
  • Aam Aadmi Party (AAP): Despite their efforts, AAP couldn’t secure any seats but garnered a notable percentage of the vote share, indicating a growing presence that could impact future elections.

Analysis and Implications

The 2024 election results in Himachal Pradesh have several implications:

  1. BJP’s Dominance: The BJP’s continued dominance in Himachal Pradesh reflects the party’s strong organizational structure and the appeal of its development agenda among the voters. This success will likely bolster the party’s morale for the upcoming state assembly elections.
  2. Congress’s Resilience: The Congress’s win in Mandi indicates that while the party faces challenges, the state still has significant support. The victory of a young leader like Vikramaditya Singh suggests a potential rejuvenation of the party’s prospects.
  3. Emerging Players: Despite not winning any seats, AAP’s increased vote share suggests that the political landscape in Himachal Pradesh could become more competitive. This could lead to more diverse political debates and choices for the electorate.
  4. Voter Engagement: The high voter turnout demonstrates the electorate’s active participation in the democratic process. This is a positive sign for the health of democracy in the state and the country.


The Himachal Pradesh Lok Sabha Election results 2024 offer a snapshot of the state’s political dynamics. With BJP maintaining its stronghold, Congress showing signs of resurgence, and AAP making inroads, the political future of Himachal Pradesh looks vibrant and competitive. As the state moves forward, these results will undoubtedly shape its political and developmental trajectory in the future.


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