Cong’s Decision to Skip Exit Poll Debates Shows It Has Conceded Elections: BJP

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Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP president J P Nadda assert that Congress’s decision to avoid exit poll debates indicates they expect to lose the Lok Sabha elections. They argue this reflects Congress’s acknowledgement of their poor performance, contrasting with BJP’s confidence in the election outcomes.

NEW DELHI: Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP president J P Nadda have asserted that the Congress party’s decision to avoid exit poll debates indicates that it has conceded defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. They argue that this move reflects the opposition party’s realization of an impending loss.

Amit Shah, in a statement, criticized the Congress for being in “denial mode” ever since Rahul Gandhi took a significant role in the party’s affairs. He remarked, “The Congress has run its campaign claiming it would secure a majority. However, it now faces the reality of poor performance as shown by the exit polls set to be broadcast after the elections tomorrow.”

The BJP leaders’ statements come at a critical time, just as exit polls ar2024e about to be released. Shah and Nadda’s comments suggest that the Congress’s absence from these debates is a tacit admission of their anticipated defeat. They believe this action is a clear sign that Congress knows it is likely to fare poorly in the elections.

Nadda echoed Shah’s sentiments, stating that the Congress’s strategy has always been to project confidence publicly while ignoring ground realities. By skipping the exit poll debates, he argues, Congress indirectly acknowledges that their claims of majority support were unfounded.

The BJP’s interpretation of the Congress’s actions is part of a broader narrative highlighting their confidence and readiness to engage in post-election analyses. They emphasize their belief that the Congress’s avoidance is a strategic retreat, not just a tactical decision.

In conclusion, the BJP leaders are using the Congress’s decision to bypass exit poll debates to bolster their narrative of the opposition’s expected defeat. They present this as evidence of the Congress’s lack of confidence in its electoral prospects, positioning the BJP as the more transparent and confident party going into the final phase of the election process.


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