Aadhar Card Scam Will Observe Bjp Says If It Voted Comes In Strength

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BJP Says party will observe the Aadhar scheme. If it comes to strength lay up claim CBI screening into the plan, inculpate it. Adjust illegal stay of Diasporas in India.
BJP party questioning the plan of UIDI Nandan Nlekani assert on Aadhar achievements.

BJP National Spokeswomen Meenakshi Lekhi termed the programme as scam sin on the people of country while seeking the screening. BJP party claims this is wrong scheme to regularize the diasporas people to stay in india. The Aadhar also infringement of Supreme Court Judgment.

BJP party claim that students hailing from West Bengal and Bihar on Bangladeshi expatriate BJP general Secretary Ananat Kumar says. If you are illicitly comes in India you got the citizen of India in other countries you shot up ya put in jail. This is role of Aadhar. Meeakashi allege that almost three crore Bangladeshi immigrants people lives in India allocated Aadhar card to them disquiet a huge conservation risk to the nation. The apex court has questioned his reliability. People without Aadhar no will also be able to buy subsidized cooking gas cylinders since government took the decision to suspend the direct benefit transfer for Lpg (DBTL) plan. The descion will provide so many consumer they do not have Aadhar no do not possess a bank account linked to Aadhar no. BJP general secretary says that about rs 3500 crore was spent on Aadhar scheme from the beginning of Jan 2009 till Sept 2013 with nomination of 50 crores people. Its unite operating costs as well as capital consumption i.e. on the infrastructure of building machinery etc. he blamed that entire data of people has been stored the outside the country. He also says the data India citizen cannot be held by us USA Company Which is servicing Pakistani also?


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