From the editor: Why to vote?

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India is world’s largest democracy, which means that the citizens run the government. Since we all can’t make the rules, we elect representatives – ie. Parliamentarians— who make the laws and govern our country based on the beliefs of the people. These elected officials help pass laws that reflect the interests of their constituents — the people who live within the areas they represent.
Since the right to choose these representatives is in the hands of the people, it is very important that everyone in a community get to the polls to cast their ballots. If only a few people vote, then the elected representatives may not truly represent the interests of the full community.
Someday you may disagree with a decision made by your representative or the Member of Parliament of your constituency or his party. The best way to make your opinion known is to go to the polls and elect new representative whom you believe will better represent you in the future. By not voting, you are in effect giving up your right to help make changes in our country.
During a lok sabha, when millions of people exercise the right to vote, you might think that your single vote won’t make a difference. Remember, every vote counts. Even if the candidates you support aren’t elected, you’ve still had a hand in shaping the country’s future.


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